Pacific Northwest Elopement Adventure From Florida

You plan an elopement to make it easier than a large wedding, especially if it's a destination wedding.  Have as many or as little of guests, intimate so you can really enjoy the day.  For Katie & Devin, planning a cross country wedding from Florida to the Pacific Northwest seemed pretty easy...until natural disasters and wild fires tried to slow them down.  Their first speed bump was right before they were leaving and hurricane Harvey was coming their way.  They had to make sure their family was safe and anchored down their houses as best as you can before they hit the road.  It wasn't until the last minute that Katie's dad was able to confirm he will be there to join the celebration.  So with their dog as the co-pilot, they drove across this gorgeous country in an RV!  I talked to them a couple days before the big day and let them know they might be detoured by massive wild fires that the West and Pacific Northwest were battling.  Little did we know that their destination of Lake Cresent was hit with fire and the lodge was closed...the lodge that their reception was going to be held!  These two just rolled with the punches.  The location change lead them to Sequim and the gorgeous state park there.  Getting ready their view was the water and they got to relax inside adorable cabins at the John Wayne Waterfront Resort.  They were married by Devin's dad surrounded by trees with their close family watching.  They found a cute little restaurant to hold the reception of about 15 people right in the marina.  Everything came together for this calm and grateful couple.  They got the best of the PNW with the trees and forest as well as the gorgeous water and sunshine.  

Katie + Devin  |  September 13, 2018  |  Sequim

Photographer-Petrichor Photo  |  Getting Ready-John Wayne Waterfront Resort  |  Ceremony-Sequim State Park  |  Hair & Makeup-Salon Maison  |  Reception-Dockside Grill