Be Sage Conference-Day 2

Day two started out with an amazing conversation.  Michelle kicked off with a Meeting of the Minds...a group chat about what works, what doesn't and what our industry is like all over the was so great and we all could have chatted for the rest of the day!  But off to another packed day of learning.

Christy Weber with Action & Co to talk about how important it is to have a good working website and what your communications on that site are saying.  I got so much information out of her presentation.  I thought I had a fantastic website with all I wanted to show potential clients.  After going through her checklist, I realized there were places I needed to tweak, adjust and add.  Really helped me look at what I want my website to convey to people who visit it.

Katie Hunt with Tradeshow Bootcamp gave us fantastic tips on selling products online, both digital and physical products.  Even though I am not at that point of selling items through my website, her info and resources were so informative.  She kept saying "Keep it simple and inline with your brand"...I say this to myself now with anything I do with my company.  

Social media is everywhere now, and a huge part of networking for our industry.  Heather Hall with Maid of Social talked about how important these platforms are for our businesses and also how not to get too overwhelmed with them.  Social media for me is a love/hate...I don't want to be on my phone all the time, but I don't want followers to miss anything!  Her best advice is to post at least once a day on a platform that you are really good at....not try to do all of them!

Gretchen Culver of Rocket Science Weddings & Events as well as Rentivist talked with us about the sharing economy and how we can look for opportunities to take advantage of this area.  This was very interesting to me because I have an inventory of rental items that I offer my couples and other industry vendors.  

The day came to an uplifting close with Mari Carmen Obregon with The Wow Effect.  She talked to us about how to stand out and give your clients an emotional experience from our story of our designs.  This was a perfect way to end this great day of learning!  She was so inspirational.



Event Planning: Sweet Pea Events

Event Design: Michelle Edgemont

Rentals: Del Cabo Event Design

Floral: Arete Florals

Stationery & Signage: Pink Champagne Paper

Photography: Barbie Hull

Video: Splendor Films

Calendars: Steadfast Bookkeeping

Notebooks: Doodle Dog

Prints: Artifact Uprising

Ipad Giveaway: My Business Genie

Stationery Printing: Thomas Printers

Be Sage Book: Mintwich Creative

MC: Discovery DJs