Be Sage Conference-Day 1

I was so excited to start day one of the Be Sage Conference!  We all met for breakfast at one of the restaurants on the resort...and what a gorgeous view to get us inspired for a day of learning!  

We made our way into the conference room where we found our seats for the day.  The fun anticipation of who you are sitting with, what area of the industry are they from, what city are they out of.  Coming into the room and seeing the tables,  the decor(that stage backdrop!) and our notebooks for the two days of listening to amazing speakers was so exciting.  Everything felt so positive.  All the details were so perfectly planned.  From the hand written leaves with our names on them, to the wood etched name tags to the endless coffee.  The backdrop on the stage was amazing!!!  All greenery leaves that was carried over to the table centerpieces.  I loved it!!!

Michelle with Sage Wedding Pros opened up the first day with asking us to ask ourselves what commitment is to us and to find one thing over the next couple of days to commit to in our business life as well as our personal.  Sounded pretty easy to me at first, until I needed to pick through my long list of my goals, things to work on and where I want to be.  She had some great tips on how to make this giant task not feel as hard.  Like small commitments to get to the big ones!!!  I am chipping away at my lists to get my commitment where I want it to be.

The first speaker was Nataly Kogan with Happier Inc who was such a great opener.  She talked about how happiness can lead to a stronger business.  A lot of what she said I kept saying oh yeah, that makes sense.  Things we might already do in our daily routine but aren't aware of how to channel it or make it into something intentional.  

I was really looking forward to Jesi Haack with Jesi Haack Design.  I follow her company on Instagram and just love what she does and think of her as one of my business inspirations.  She was speaking about how to break out of the wedding box and get into corporate events.  I was so excited when I heard about her topic, I am really thinking of this option in one way or another for my goals in the upcoming year.  She was so great, real, honest and personable.

After a great lunch Denise Silverman of Clink Events talked to us about keeping our employees happy and loyal.  She had so many great tips, not just the obvious ones.  Even though I don't have full time employees right now, I can't wait to implement these great ideas, protocols and tips for my team!

I ended up sitting at lunch with the next speaker, John Scrofano with Garmentory.  What a great guy and super smart about money!  Man did he put it plain and simple if you need a loan or not.  I always thought I need to figure out how to get a big amount of money from someone so I can get where I want to be...not the case!!!  I am really excited because he is in the Seattle area and I will be meeting him for coffee to pick his brain!!!

A great end to the day was with Felicia Hatcher.  She is so inspirational and hilarious.  She did a couple activities that really made my light bulb come on!  I am still talking about her demonstration of needing to go grab opportunity...not waiting for it to be handed to you...that's not how that works!   She also talked about how to become an expert in your area and to use that to gain more opportunities.  

I left the conference feeling so great, inspired and so many ideas to implement into my business.

Not only did I have an amazing day of learning but a fantastic night with new friends at dinner.  We got to know each other, laugh and make amazing connections with other industry owners!  Day one did not disappoint!!!


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